Upcoming Events/Próximos Eventos

  • June 26- Landscape Design Class at Detroit Farm and Garden (1759 21st St) from 1-3 PM. This class is free and open to the public but please let them know you heard about it from the TimeBank.
  • July 7- Kitchen Cabinet Meeting at 6:30 PM at 1787 Wabash. The Kitchen Cabinet is the leadership group of the TimeBank. We do fundraising, plan events, hire staff, and do other things to keep the TimeBank running. We’re always looking for more folks interested in being more involved with the TimeBank. If you’d like to be involved but can’t make this meeting, please get in touch.
  • Julio 7- Junta de la Mesa Directiva (El gabinete de cocina) a las 6:30 PM at 1787 Wabash. El gabinete de cocina es el grupo de liderazgo del Banco de Tiempo. Siempre estamos buscando más gente interesada en ser más involucrado con el Banco de Tiempo. Si usted quisiera participar pero no puede venir a esta reunión, por favor ponerse en contacto.
  • July 9 and 10- Work Day at Condon Community House (3837 28th St) from 8 AM to 6 PM. TimeBank member Marlena is clearing an empty lot to establish a Permaculture site. On these work days we’ll be clearing brush and trash, and pruning some trees. Lunch will be provided. Any time that you can lend would be very helpful.
  • July 16- First Annual Skillshare Fair at American Indian Health and Family Services (4880 Lawndale St) from 11 AM to 3 PM. Find out what hidden talents are on offer in your neighborhood, and let your neighbors know what you can do from them. At the TimeBank’s Skill Share Fair, everyone’s time is valued equally. Come make new friends and set up exchanges of services. Free food, face painting, clothing swap, and more.
  • July 20- Family Game Night at Amanda Holiday’s house (1575 Military) from 6-8 PM. Bring a dish to share for a potluck dinner if you can. Feel free to bring your favorite game as well, or just come ready to learn a new game. All ages are welcome.
  • Julio 20 – Noche de Juegos en la casa de Amanda (1575 Military St) a 6:00pm. Traer un plato para compartir si se puede. Evento para personas de todas las edades. Traiga su juego favorito o vienen dispuestos a aprender una nueva. Evento es mensual cada tercer miércoles del mes.
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Skill Share Fair Coming on July 16

We’re getting ready for our biggest event ever: A TimeBank Skill Share Fair! Find out what hidden talents are on offer in your neighborhood, and let your neighbors know what you can do for them. At the TimeBank’s Skill Share Fair, everyone’s time is valued equally, regardless of the type of work done–“skilled or “unskilled.” Make new friends and set up exchanges of services.

We’re looking for more folks (individuals, businesses, or organizations) to provide on site services. If you have a talent you can share at the fair please let us know.

Skill Share Fair

Skill Share Fair Spanish

TimeBank Guest Bartending at Abick’s Bar

TimeBank Guest Bartending Night (1)

Youth Planned T-Shirt Printing Party

Ever since we had our logo redesigned (April 2015),on e of the major desires of Kitchen Cabinet members has been to get it on t-shirts so we can represent the TimeBank everywhere we go. We are lucky in Southwest Detroit to have a youth-run business called Stitching Up Detroit (affiliated with Grace in Action, a TimeBank member) that does screen printing. We decided to get some of our TimeBank youth involved in planning an event where people could learn about screen printing, learn about the TimeBank, and have fun . Three young people started planning in late December about how we should do outreach, what the t-shirts should look like, what sort of activities there should be, what refreshments we should have, and how they could explain to new folks about what the TimeBank is. The folks at Grace in Action were great partners, letting us use their meeting space for free and spending time with us to pick out colors for the t-shirts and think through the best way for the event to work.

On the day of the event we had about 30 people come through and print their own t-shirts and enjoy some pizza. We now have t-shirts that we’ll be able to give to TimeBank members at our events and also sell for a “suggested donation” of $5. It was great to see the young people learn how to pull off an event and lessons for next time.


Ice Skating and Arts and Crafts Party/La Fiesta de Patinar sobre Hielo y Hacer Manualidades

Our second large outreach event funded by the Self Development of People Committee of the Presbyterian Church was an Ice Skating and Arts+Crafts Party at Clark Park in early March. We were lucky enough to score the last day cool enough for ice at this amazing outdoor rink in the heart of Southwest Detroit. Clark Park also let us use their community room in exchange for TimeBank hours. Over 50 adults and children enjoyed snacks and hot beverages while making tissue paper mosaics, planting seeds, and ice skating. Anyone who signed up for the TimeBank as a new member or updated their account if they were already a member got a raffle ticket . Prizes were donated by TimeBank members Detroit Farm and Garden, Southwest Rides, and Tonya Lewis. Fresh fruit was donated by local grocery store Honey Bee Market. Potting soil for the seed starting was donated by Detroit Farm and Garden. We all had a great time and signed up ten new members.


Support for Ali Family after Arson

The family of two youth members of the TimeBank was recently the victim of a string of arsons in our community. Their garage was burned and damage spread to the house damaging the back rooms and the attic. The family lacks homeowners insurance but are still determined to rebuild and keep their home. The TimeBank has been able to rally some help for them in a few ways. Early on a TimeBank member was able to use Bridging Communities Inc’s pick up truck to help them pick up some discounted building supplies to replace and secure the back part of the house. We also gave them a helmet and some other safety equipment we had purchased with a grant from the Self Development of People Committee of the Presbyterian Church.


After the family was threatened with a blight ticket for not having cleaned up all of the debris left over from the fire, we organized a small work day to move and stack all the debris by the road.  


With six TimeBank members and two Bridging Communities staff members helping we were able to move everything in less than a couple hours.


Another TimeBank member was able to speak to a city official to get a special bulk pick up. We purchased trash bags and dust masks for the work day with money from the Self Development of People Committee.


time served

a poem by TimeBank member Kim Hunter

hour by hour
hand by heart
our disparate distracted selves are rewoven
into the community from which we all rise
the gravity of two or more
we pledge allegiance to people that need us
and to the repair of common wishes
nominate ourselves for invisible prizes
the nobel laureate of the pressed shirt
the pulitzer prize thank you note
the academy award for being
who we are in the presence of one another
manage all of this through
the leaky faucet repair ride to the sick cousin’s bedside
the unraveled computer mystery dog sitter
the doohickey solution
we trade our most irreplaceable non-commodity
to expand the unexpandable
to bank unbankable hours

Vote for the TimeBank to win $1000- Update: We won!

Update: We won the most votes for the District 6 People’s Choice Award.  YOU ALL made this happen.  Thank you so much for your support in all ways and stay tuned for more fun events!

Unity in Our Community TimeBank is deeply honored to be nominated for a 2015 Detroit Community Development Awards People’s Choice Award for District 6. You can vote for us every 24 hours on each device by going to www.detroitpeopleschoiceaward.com.  Thanks in advance for your support!



Work Party at Kendal’s Little House

Come out on August 23 from 10 AM- 1 PM to help do some fix up work on Kendal’s house (7249 Penrod). Kendal and her family have taught many cooking classes for the TimeBank and now she’s bought the little house that her grandfather was born in. It’s in rough shape but she’s working to fix it up into a model off-grid living space. Come to hear about the history and future of this Detroit home, help to move it along, and then stay for some pizza and other refreshments afterwards.

Those coming to help are asked to wear closed toe shoes (ideally steel toed, but sneakers are fine), long pants, and bring a long shirt. We’ll have work gloves for all and face masks and hard hats for those doing work that need them, but if you have your own please bring them.

Helpers of all ages and abilities are invited to come along, we’ll be doing everything from light yard work to removing ceiling tiles and old insulation.

If you know for sure you’ll be coming, please let us know so we can plan accordingly, but also feel free to come even if you haven’t told us ahead of time.

Cheesemaking Class with Jen Rusciano and Welcoming Michigan

The TimeBank has a longstanding relationship with the group Welcoming Michigan, an organization dedicated to creating communities that are welcoming to immigrants. One of the projects we’ve partnered on with them is a series of cooking classes where the person teaching the class tells the story of their/their family’s immigration story and teaches a dish from their/their family’s country of origin. Our first such class in 2015 was a cheesemaking class with Jen Rusciano. Jen’s family is from Italy and she taught 7 members how to make Mozzarella and Ricotta cheeses. The equipment and supplies for class were paid for by Welcoming Michigan and a grant from the Self-Development of People Committee of the Presbyterian Church.